It was that time of the year again. That one week where everyone in KL was hustling and bustling around the scenes of KL town, (Pavilion, Bukit Bintang to be more specific) while taking over this city with their stunning outfits.

Now that fashion week is over, the SHALS team sat down to see which of the designers participated caught our attention the most.

KLFW was definitely a marathon experience for everyone. It was always one show after another so can you imagine those who had to change their outfits for E V E R Y designer there was?! The SHALS team had the privilege to attend a fair number of fashion shows and throughout all, we got to know of new designers, fell in love with several collections and met many inspiring designers and fashion entrepreneurs from all around.

Now, onward with some of our favourites from this year’s KLFW!


Mimpikita has always been known for their style of elegance, poise and class. Every year, their collection never fails to leave the crowd gasping over their bright and pastel colours, with beautiful embodiments of details portrayed around their pieces. This year was no difference. Once again, the crowd fell in love with their spring/summer 2018 collection. This time around, the collection gave us feels of the 1980’s in the big apple, New York City. From their choices of pop music, to their colourful statement accessories and of course, their bold printed clothing pieces. It felt like we were taken back into the disco scenes of the 1980’s where neon everything was THE trend. If we didn't know any better, it might have just been Carrie Bradshaw’s (to-die-for) closet from her younger days back in 1984.

T A R I K   J E A N S

If it’s anyone who knows how to mix culture with modern day apparel, trust Afiq Iskander & Jiman Casablancas to do so with their street wear and apparel brand, Tarik Jeans. The collection that made a debut at KLFW had a good contrast between traditional and contemporary fashion - Inspired by a land called Suvarnabhūmi which also means the “Land of Gold”. This “Nusa Bencana” collection was a range of contemporary items such as graphic and statement tees that were paired up with traditional elements such as the sarong and turbans. The collection came and go in a flash on the runway and it felt as though as it was a breath of new air because it was something different and rather exotic than any other. Not only was the crowd impressed with their astonishing styling but as well as their showmanship. The whole show was a moving presentation that took us to a haunting setting that paid attention to the littlest detail to make the whole show complete. It started from the choices of music to the way the models would walk and lastly, the statement accessories that became the centre of everyone’s attention.
All in all, they also gave us a glimpse of how Hang Tuah would dress in today’s era and we are loving it.


Whoever said that earth tone pieces could NEVER make a significant impact on an audience … well, you’re wrong! Maslea managed to prove that perception otherwise on the 2nd day of KLFW when their pieces walked out on the runway. Truth to be told, gone are the days where only bright and neon colours could make an outfit complete. Neutral tones are one thing anyone could ever fall back to, on ANY DAY and in ANY SEASON. Hence, there can never be a wrong time to wear such warm and muted colours. Additionally, Maslea played around with elements that made a statement on the outfits such as military buttons, wide collars and rope belts. In rain or shine, this collection is set for ladies to bring out their neutral palettes to play.

J O N A T H A N   L I A N G

Is there anything Jonathan Liang can’t do? Honestly! From KL to Paris… and back, Jonathan Liang makes it possible to create designs that are completely out of this world. This year’s collection was all about mixing around materials between lace and organza.
Every piece was already a statement of itself and there was nothing else needed to make it even more complete. The collection was able to speak out to a whole range of women - It portrayed elegance but at the same time, edgy and firm. Hence, ladies from all around and of different characters are able to strut the streets in a Jonathan Liang piece. 

A L I A    B A S T A M A M

Last but not least, Alia Bastamam. It is no doubt that this lady needs any further introduction as her name says it all already. One of Malaysia’s pride and joy in the fashion industry, Alia Bastamam has never failed to impress her audience with her ever so astounding collection every year. This year, not only did Alia Bastamam take home the glory on her ALIA B. Resort18 & FW17 collections but also, winning the
“Best Designer” award. That makes it double the milestones for Alia Bastamam this KLFW.

Now moving on to the collection! This year’s ALIA B. collection gave out such holiday-beachy-resorty vibes that instantly made us think of hoping on the next flight out to paradise! It was all about the stripes, off shoulders and sailor-made colours of red, blue and white. This collection gives us no excuse NOT to dress up even when we are sun-tanning on a beach somewhere... 

Lastly, Alia Bastamam’s  b e a u t i f u l  FW17 collection. Hands down, Alia knows exactly what her audience like so there was no surprise that the whole crowd joined in together to gasp over her new collection. This FW17 collection was made for any lady to take on their days with confidence, poise and at the same time, in comfort. Additionally, it was a contrast between casual and formal that could be worn either during the day or during the night. We had some major love on the clothing details such as their creative slits and v-necks which only highlighted the collection even more.

Now that fashion week is over and out, everyone is back to their daily lives as per-usual and for the designers, guess it’s back to their mood board for KLFW 2018! It’s truly a non-stop cycle. Tell us, who was your favourite this KLFW?