Hey gals and guys, welcome to our third blog!
At SHALS, our team spends a lot of time brainstorming on the next new product that would be the crowd’s new best friend. We’re always looking to create something that has both flair and quality. In this post, we’ve decided to list down our favourite SHALS items and why these items speak to us. Do note that some of the items featured are from our previous collections and are no longer in stock but fret not, you can always find something similar.
 PMC x SHALS Blessings in The Skies Bowling Shirt
“You know how our Malaysian weather always stops us from dressing up? For me, that’s always the case. When I see a shirt, I always do a “vibe check” on the material, knowing that my body tends to sweat easily. And let me tell you. This bowling shirt passed. It flatters my torso and flaunts my masculine features. The fact that I would gladly wear a collared shirt during the daytime (cos panas kan) really speaks volumes on this shirt. If you’re an unforgivingly sweaty person like me, get this shirt!”
– Zaym Zarif, creative executive
Jeanny Fanny Pack
“I was so drawn to the bag strap, at first sight. I love the quirkiness of it, how the colours add a splash of ‘fun’ to my simple outfits, and how the shape is just right. I’m a petite gal so I like small bags… and this one is perfect for me.”
– Afeedah S., copywriter + pr
Poppy Top
“This top is perfect for daily wear. I dig that it’s ironless… I memang malas iron hahaha. I also like that it’s loose and oversized, comfy, but structured jugak at the same time. You’ll rarely see me in this kind of baju to be honest, but I like this one cos of the colours. And presently, we’re indoors a lot and it gets quite cold. I get cold easily so it’s nice to get all cozy in this top.”
– Mahirah Marsya, creative digital content executive
Penelope Shopping Bag
“The material is strong and sturdy, note that this is important for me because I’m such a Doraemon… I like to bring everything with me all the time. I can bring it to buy groceries and also to throw in work stuff like my huge laptop when in a rush. I do however wish that it comes in even more colours. Perhaps rainbow… for me.”
– Mel Muzammil, marketing executive
1311 Women Sandals
“The sandals are so me, cos I’d wear flats over heels any day. Not that I’m against wearing heels but I’m just more comfortable in flats. I bought these sandals years ago and they’re still in mint condition. This pair is basically a lifesaver when other shoes give me blisters.”
– Najwa Khaleeda, warehouse manager
PMC x SHALS Mubarak Blessed Brimless Cap
“I’m all about flamboyant yet minimal outfits. I’ve never owned any brimless cap before this, so this one was the first. It fits my aesthetic, and it sits on my head nicely without distracting me. I rasa dia trendy and unusual. I pakai ikut mood. Sometimes I punya outfit very cash but when the mood for streetwear datang I go all out. Also good for bad hair days. has a little jawi (Arabic) writing, stands out from the usual typography”
– Zaym Zarif, creative executive
Dhia Sling Bag
“Don’t be fooled when you see how small this bag is! It looks small but has many compartments, so it’s easy to find small things in the bag like parking ticket, car keys, and coins. The texture is different than other bags. Most importantly, it’s light! Dhia in red brown is my favourite as it complements almost every colour without looking dull and boring.”
– Haiqal Iman, graphic wiz
Tiana Mules
“The first thing that caught my eyes about Tiana was the shape of the heels. So cute that they're round! The fact that these heels fit my wide feet like a glove is such a jackpot. My shoes are mostly white, so it was bold of me to go with purple but honestly, I have no regrets as it really makes my outfits pop. If you’re a 5’1 gal who loves kitten heels like me, get this pair!”
Afeedah S., copywriter + pr
Duo Strappy Sandals
“I suka sebab minimal yet versatile. It can make my outfits look effortless and chic. The soles are quite thick, so I don’t get tired easily even after walking for a long time. It’s the kind of sandals that you can bring anywhere, malls boleh, mandi sungai pun boleh.”
- Najwa Khaleeda, warehouse manager
Editor: Afeedah S. 
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