One & Only Friend
Defining One & Only Friend

When we talk about friendship, what do we really understand by it? Sure a friend can easily be defined by a person with whom one have a mutual connection with. To be exact a significant figure that helps us go through life. We get it - a friend is usually a human form that we love and care for.

But what if we tell you that a friend can be more than just a friend? What if we tell you that a friend is a form of a self-care? Your Oyen perhaps? What if we tell you that your friend can a hobby that makes you feel whole?

Ideally, the OOF collection is all about expressing what a friend means to us individually. A collection that celebrates our One & Only Friend in our own definitionn. Through unconventional designs, ultimately SHALS would like to give you the freedom in defining what a friend is to you. A collection where a friend can be more than just a “friend”.

Bits & pieces from this collection to remind you that no matter what, you can always rely on your OOFs to make your feel & look good along the way.