He's A Cool Dad
Meet: Adam Azrif

In conjunction with Father's Day, we picked Adam Azriff as our SHALS Men of the week. A designer by day and a full time dad. What makes Adam a cool dad is his passion for life even after joining fatherhood. Adam makes it a priority to keep his career, personal life and family time balanced. 

Adam usually start his day at the driving range to hit some balls, head back home to take a shower and out to work he goes. Adam's favourite joint for his coffee run is Burrow, based in Bangsar. Career-wise, everything he does now started off with passion. He's a barista at heart and loves art and design. Adam literally learned designing from his Dad and brother.

As a dad, what makes Adam the happiest is when he's not chained into the mentality where parents don't have their own life. So, seeing his so go to school, seeing his wife do what she wants and for him to be able to do his own thing makes him contented. 

His definition of a cool dad is when the kids think their dad is cool. That's the cool dad. Adam says that it's not up to him, whether he's a cool dad or not, what his son thinks is more important but by SHALS definition, Adam is 100% a certified cool dad.

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