Universale Making A Comeback
This Holiday Season


Upon SHALS's successful store opening in January 2023 called The New Univershals, the brand has extended the Univershals experience into different settings; one of them being Universale —  a space for our customers to immerse themselves in, all the while feeling appreciated. Universale is a planet on which our Speshals Squad will get to enjoy promotional product offerings that they have never experienced before. Partnering up with a few selected local brands within the industry - Universale is all about diversifying our community, making new friends while giving back to our speshals squad.

With a spread of 5 local brands, SHALS will open our door for another Universale this 23rd and 24th December at The Box, Taman Paramount PJ. Universale will serve as a destination for hosting customers to experience up-to 70% off product offerings with food and beverages all in while enjoying the speshals discounts by SHALS and other vendors at this event. If you have not made any plans this weekend here are the brands that you can look forward to:


BRANDS : Mira Filzah, LR The Label, Handmade Heroes & Thursdvys