Memori Yang Selamanya

Losing or to “hilang” someone you love is the hardest thing one could ever go through. It is painful, unbearable, hurtful, overall overwhelming. It is a pain that tires you emotionally, physically & spiritually. This intense life-changing emotion, feeling, act and vibration change our lives in ways that we could have never imagined.

As painful as it is, life moves forward and we are left with a glimpse of hope that there is still goodness, even in the bad. This year, SHALS would like to stem the feeling of loss and turned it into a beautiful sentimental Raya collection : Memori by SHALS, where we gather to celebrate those who are no longer in our lives.

Whether you have lost someone you loved in this world or moving on from a friendship that lapse, this collection is dedicated to all the memories that we are unable to bring back.

To remember & to cherish moments that we had while they were once here in our lives. Every piece was curated to let you feel & breathe in ease while we celebrate Raya in the bitter-sweet memories that we once shared.This collection reminds us that somethings are not meant to be with you forever, but one thing is certain: Memori Lasts Forever.